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*   Enraged! Road Rage Still A Relevant Issue In 2016
(Fleet Solutions  September/October 2016)

Are road rage incidents simply made for the headlines, or are they a problem that fleet professionals should heed? Some of both. While it may seem challenging to prevent employees from “snapping” while behind the wheel, there are concrete actions to take that can help.

*   Online Exclusive: Inside Emergency Lighting
(Fleet Solutions  September/October 2016)

With lights flashing and sirens wailing, emergency personnel navigate the country's clogged roadways at high rates of speed. But not everyone yields. Are drivers not seeing the lights or hearing the sirens?

*   So Now You Are A Fleet Manager
(Fleet Solutions  July/August 2016)

Thousands in the fleet profession didn't expect to become fleet professionals - certainly didn't study it in school – but just like that, they have joined a peculiar fraternity. What happens next?

*   Cybersecurity - A Problem Without Clear Solutions
(Fleet Solutions  July/August 2016)

Nearly 200 cybersecurity experts, analysts, lawyers, and legislators gathered for the first-ever TU-Automotive Cybersecurity USA event in Novi, MI. They came to discuss the potential problems that could affect automobiles as they become more connected, share possible solutions, and discover new ways to prevent hackers from ever breaking in.

*   Hack In Blue: Cybersecurity And Law Enforcement
(Fleet Solutions  July/August 2016)

We know about the threat vehicle cybersecurity poses. Now…imagine the damage that could happen if the vehicle that was hacked into was a law enforcement vehicle.

*   Fleet Modernization
(Fleet Solutions  May/June 2016)

Is the average age of your fleet on the rise?  If so, it might be time to weight the total cost of ownership to see if your fleet is in need of modernization.

*   A House In Order: Building A Right-sized Fleet
(Fleet Solutions  May/June 2016)

Often "more" is not "better". It's just more.  The scenario is easily applied to fleets that may suffer from largesse or inflated concerns about emergencies that might never arise, and a growth strategy that isn't realistic.

*   Employers: The Driving Force Behind Cell Phone Behavioral Change
(Fleet Solutions  May/June 2016)

By Deborah Trombley, Senior Transportation Program Manager, National Safety Council

*   Violations, Liability, and Fleet's Legal Responsibilities
(Fleet Solutions  March/April 2016)

Violations cannot be taken lightly by anyone, least of all fleet managers. In addition to the immediate costs and concerns, there are hidden costs and liabilities.

*   Exposure! Data Security Inside Your Organization
(Fleet Solutions  March/April 2016)

It's not just credit card numbers and social security numbers that cyber criminals target, and fleets are not immune to their probes.

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