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Demystifying Electric Vehicles - Understanding the Complexities, Costs and Savings Potential
(NAFA Education/Conferences  February 2016)

This session will provide an overview of the technologies, considerations, costs, and savings related to electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (EV/PHEVs) in the fleet setting. Electric vehicles can provide substantial benefits to fleet operators—including operating cost savings, greenhouse gas emissions reductions, and a hedge against volatile fuel prices.

For a busy fleet manager, however, it may be daunting to navigate the complexities of assessing and incorporating EVs into fleet operations. Focusing on light-duty electric vehicles, this session will cover the following: 1) EV technology landscape; 2) appropriate EV use cases; 3) total cost of ownership dynamics; 4) charging infrastructure; 5) educating drivers; 6) program monitoring and reporting. Presenters will also provide several case studies of recent fleet EV deployments.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Identify potential EV-appropriate opportunities in their fleets
  2. Summarize the various cost factors associated with EV fleet integration
  3. Understand the key steps in exploring and developing an EV program.

Leasing & Reimbursement ââ¬â Selecting the Optimal Program for the Right Situation
(NAFA Education/Conferences  March 2016)

Course Description: There are times where a leasing program may not fit the needs of your entire fleet of vehicles. Leasing may work best in some applications, where reimbursement may work better in others. Offering an alternate reimbursement program is a common way that companies bridge the divide in their fleet programs.

Learning Objective #1: During this session, Wheels will examine the potential needs and benefits of integrating both lease and reimbursement into your overall fleet management strategy.

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